Rudy Marine Website Sets Sail

We’re excited to announce that the new Rudy Marine website is shipshape and ready to leave the docks! With an entirely new content management system (CMS) and a modern redesign featuring an intuitive interface, parallax scrolling and additional sections overflowing with boats, trailers and motors — the new Rudy Marine site is bound to create a big wake!

Complete with original photography, shot by our own Mobius professional photographer Joe del Tufo, Rudy Marine’s site is now also decked out with splashy showroom and product shots galore. Aside from it’s new look and easy to use navigation, users can now be updated on best fishing spots in the area, boating related information and blog posts too.

So veer a direct course to and take a look.

Please contact us at 302.475.9880 for more information on creating a custom website for you and your business.

Newly Designed and Developed Rudy Marine Website


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