Multimedia & Mobile

Forward-thinking. Cutting edge. Fresh.

Sure, multimedia means things like CD-ROM, 3D animation, and streaming media.

But what it really means is that we stay on top of things that are perhaps hard to classify and a bit out of the ordinary for a typical design firm. Things that can benefit your business in unexpected and surprising ways.

It's the 'oh, you do that too??" factor that our clients love.

After all, sometimes what it takes to set your company apart is to do something a bit different!

So yes, we do that too!

Our Multimedia & Mobile Services Include:

  • Distance Learning Systems & Content
  • CD-ROM Authoring
  • 3d Modeling & Animation
  • Streaming Media
  • Webcasts / Podcasts
  • Touch-screen Kiosks
  • Sound Design
  • iPhone/Mobile App Development